2004 Red Sox Becoming Tainted Team


Behind the bats of roid users Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, the 2004 Boston Red Sox completed a journey including defeating the 2002 World Series Champs Anaheim Angels, coming back from the most improbable deficits to triumph the arch rival New York Yankees in the ALCS, then take down the St. Louis Cardinsock1als in four games. This title was the first for the Red Sox since 1918, and is a gut wrencher for any New York fan to date. When the playoff run was in full swing, to the average fan it looked like a magic filled cinderella story with characters like David Ortiz, being the no name player from Minnesota who magically came to life and fit the magic slipper on the bloody sock of longtime pitcher Curt Schilling. Manny Ramirez was the goofy carriage driver that seemed to back up Cinderella wherever she went and eventually led to the ring.

Ortiz came up clutch consistently in the late innings that helped bring Boston back. Coming from the Twins, “Big Papi,” was the newfound Boston hero, being compared to Larry Bird and Tom Brady. Ortiz’s clutch performances were originally due to hard work, dedication, and a team of hitting coaches that fixed the kinks in the Dominican born player’s swing and helped him hit 54 HR’s in 2005.

To anyone mainly including ESPN, Manny, Oritz and the Red Sox were America’s team and “Red Sox Nation,” loathed in the lozortizve. A year later when the Mitchell Report came out, an investigation done by George Mitchell, part owner of the Red Sox, the report included big time names including Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Jason Giambi, Chuck Knoblach and many other players, but mainly the list included New York players, the team Boston fans hated the most. Following the years after the report, everytime New York traveled to play in Boston, the Yankee players were insulted and proclaimed, “cheaters,” by the clam chowder eating fans, who had no idea their own team they were watching were juicing more than any team in baseball. The magical Bosox couldn’t be cheaters because they had a team full of “idiots” that played the game the right way and played hard every inning. Five years later, Ortiz and Ramirez weren’t the only idiots, as the whole fan base has proven to be wrong and hipocrtical.

Yesterday, a report from the New York Post, imagine that, has reported that both David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs in 2003, a year before the magical run took place. Immediately following the breakthrough, Ortiz had no comment on the situation, andzarod stated he has no idea how he tested positive, Ramirez followed Ortiz’s actions saying, “Me and David are mountains, this won’t affect us at all. We will continue hitting.” For both players it seems that they don’t want to let the “Nation,” know that they indeed cheated and the championship run of 2004 was tainted. In May, when Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez was linked to a positive test in ‘03, his final year with the Texas Rangers, “A-Roid,” as he was called by Boston fans, was ridiculed and insulted by once again, the Red Sox fans.

Only months later, Boston’s favorite player, David Ortiz was now a cheater, one of many Dominican juicers. An hour after the Post had reported on the tests, Boston fans gave Ortiz a standing ovation and many new stations including ESPN commzmillarented on how strong of a man Ortiz was and how much he is appreciated in his community. The man cheated!!! Isn’t it ironic when one of your own does something bad, you seemingly act like it never happened knowing without that person you wouldn’t have accomplished anything. Well for Boston, this was exactly the case, after going 2-3 with a double, and a two run home run, must have juiced up before the game. For the 2004 team, Bronson Arroyo has already came out and admitted to taking Andro during the period, and who knows how many more Red Sox players are on the list. It’s funny how when a test is done by the MLB, these players are linked but the Mithcell Report had no indication of any Boston players, favoritism anyone?

Looking back, that team had a group of players that came from nowhere, including Bill Mueller, a batting champ in 2003, that didn’t do anything after 2004, surprisingly when steroid testing increased. Pedro Martinez was nowhere near the pitcher following ‘04 as he was in all his glory years in Boston, another Dominican player linked to steroids, but due to ESPN’s monopoly of the sports industry, it will be time before the 5′10″ 160 lb pitcher who threw 97 mph gas in the playoffs, will ever be listed among the steroid users. Anyone remember Kevin Millar? The big time third basemen who between the years of 2002-2004 batted over .300, and was clutch for the Red Sox. Millar hasn’t done anything since and was released by the Red Sox following the ‘04 season. Jason Varitek? He hit for power during the period but since 2006, hasn’t hit above .280, and last season barely finished over .200.

When everyone thought Cinderella was only out late at night to have fun and be an “idiot,” it turns out shzimmere was actually inserting the needle and building up a reputation of being the best, but doing it the right way. When it’s all said and done, the real mountains Red Sox fans will have to climb is that their first title in 86 years was tainted and covered up all this time by a list of sources. So keep eating the clam chowder, keep believing “Big Papi,” isn’t a big juicer and keep believing that all this time the comback in the ALCS was magical when really Curt Schilling wasn’t the only one that was dirty, remember the sock, that all this time the “PED” Sox as I and many New York media outlets like to call them, was the dirtiest team in the history of baseball and should never be credited with the 2004 World Series Championship.

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