Yankees Drop Two Against Chicago

Yankees White Sox Baseball

After a hot streak to start the second half of the season, AJ Burnett and the Yankees dropped their second game in a row in a 14-4 loss to Ozzie Guillen’s Chicago White Sox. After a rough second inning where Burnett allowed six runs, the White Sox jumped out to an early lead 6-0 lead. Burnett who had won his last five decisions, had trouble spotting his fastball and when he did the White Sox jumped on it.

With three players having three hit games, Chicago compiled 17 hits and the top two in the order, Scott Podsednik and Gordan Beckham each had four RBI’s. For the Yankees nothing seemed to go right as four players for New York had hits while the rest of the lineup struggled.

Joe Girardi’s questionable lineup didn’t help. Girardi has been known to make some unintelligent moves while managing and today was an example. With the .236 batting Nick Swisher second in the lineup, the Bronx Bombers couldn’t get much going, picking up eight hits. Newly acquired Jerry Hairston Jr started in left field, while Swisher surprisingly played right and Cody Ransom received the start at first while Mark Teixeira DH’ed.

With the lineup not producing up to Chicago’s standards, the pitching for New York was brutal. AJ Burnett, who has been solid for most of the year, only threw 4.2 innings and gave up seven earned runs on ten hits. The bullpen didn’t help as four pitchers combined to give up the next seven. Phil Coke was the worst, pitching one third of an inning, giving up six runs on four hits while walking three. Coke’s performance was rare as most of the time, as the 27 year old lefty has been solid all year.

With Girardi’s blunders while managing, the Yankees will have to play A+ ball from here on out as the rest of the AL has improved, mainly with Boston’s acquisition of Victor Martinez, Detroit’s trade for Jarrod Washburn and Chicago picking up Jake Peavy. With Hairston being the only pick up, New York will have to make up for their thin depth at pitching, as Sergio Mitre will continue to start. With two months remaining in the season, it will be interesting to see whether New York can get back on a roll and secure the AL East.


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2 responses to “Yankees Drop Two Against Chicago

  1. Zach Fleer

    Girardi is terrible!!!!!!!!!!! HE leaves his bullpen in way to long and when they begin to struggle, no one is warming up!!!! He waits till 3-4 runs have been given up THEN changes pitchers!!!! By then it is too late and we are out of the game. We were only down 3 runs when he mangaged the wonderful inning that put us down by 8 runs. GENIUS!!!!

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