If Tressel Retired Today, Who Would You Hire?


Entering his ninth season as the Ohio State football coach, Jim Tressel is in his 35th overall season and many times has stated when he hits his 40th year he wants to call it quits. As heard on The Big Show on 97.1 The Fan here in Columbus, if that was the case who would you want as the coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes?

With a 70-17 record at Ohio State, Jim Tressel has cemented his place as one of the best coaches in Buckeye history, winning a national championship in 2002, capturing five Big Ten championships and owning a 7-1 record against arch rival Michigan.happytress With a conservative approach, Tressel’s teams have been known for being slow paced, run oriented and Ohio bred. As of late, Tressel has transformed this team into a more athletic, fast paced team that has dominant defense. Keeping the same coordiators on both sides of the ball for the past four seasons, Tressel’s teams have played poorly in big time games and have looked unathletic and slow against the top tier teams from around the country. With a revamped offense and defense coming into 2009, Ohio State has starters from all across America. Starting at LE, Cameron Heyward is a product of Suwanee, Georgia and has started since his freshman year in 2007. At linebacker, the Buckeyes have two starters from South Florida in Brian Rolle and Etienne Sabino. Tressel hopes to play more man defense and pass the ball to the large group of shifty receivers the Buckeyes possess. With such great talent flowing in for Ohio State, if Tressel were to step down, who would you hire?

Possible Candidates

  1. Urban Meyer, Head Coach-Florida-Northeast Ohio native, who was once on John Cooper’s staff in the 90’s. Meyer is the head coach at Florida and in five years has won two SEC championships and along with that two BCS National Titles. urban-meyer-p1An innovative coach that gets the best out of his players, Meyer would be a great fit at Ohio State. Meyer has planted deep roots in the hotbed of football, Florida, and if he were to come to Ohio State, would bring much more athleticism to a team that lacked it severly when Meyer and Florida beat up on the Buckeyes 41-14 in 2006. Developing athletic swing players like Percy Harvin, Jeffery Demps and Tim Tebow, Meyer could do the same at Ohio State. If Urban could bring a new approach to Ohio State football with his creative packages, just imagine what the Buckeyes could do.
  2. Turner Gill, Head Coach- Buffalo-Taking the once winless Buffalo Bulls frturner-gillom cellar dweller to MAC Champs, Gill would bring a hardwork mentality to a Buckeyes team that has had off the field issues lately. Not taking anything from anybody, Gill would bring a hardnosed mentality to Ohio State and teach his players what it is like to win a national title, he won a championship with Nebraska as a player in 1984. Gill is a hungry coach that is still upset over not getting the job at Auburn and would be good for Ohio State considering we already have the talent, a move for Gill could put us over the top.
  3. Mark Dantonio, Head Coach-Michigan State- Dantonio, who was Jim Tressel’s Defensive Coordinator from 2002-05 at Ohio State, is another of the Tressel tree that continues to coach schools all over the midwest.MarkDantonio An aggressive defensive coach who has a run oriented offense, Dantonio has ignored the personnel on defense and has continued to blitz heavily and get pressure on the quarterback while stuffing the run. With a tough defense last season led by DT Justin Kershaw, the Spartans won seven games and made it the Capital One Bowl. After helping bring Cincinnati to where they are today, Dantonio has had a great resume at Michigan State, recruiting Ohio very well and winning games in the Big Ten. With a system related to Tressel’s, the transition would be easy for the players, would it work in big games?
  4. Kirk Ferentz, Head Coach-Iowa-Going into his ninth season at Iowa, Kirk Ferentz has consistently had teams thiowaferentzat know how to play football the right way and compete. Splitting the Big Ten Championship with Ohio State in 2002, Ferentz has known how to recruit and get his players ready to play. With a team that can run the ball very well, Ferentz’s teams have always lacked a quality quarterback and if he landed the job at Ohio State in the near future, it’s more than likely that he would have that for the Buckeyes. Having an above average record at Iowa is impressive, but would Ferentz’s success carry over to Ohio State?
  5. Jim Heacock, Defensive Coordinator-Ohio State-Heacock has been successful as Jim Tressel’s defensive coordinator the past three seasons but has been cited as play calling too soft in thejim_heacock big games. Heacock is part of the Tressel bunch that has landed jobs all across the midwest. With a 33-6 record as defensive coordinator, it’s more than likely that Heacock would be hired by Tressel, who more than likely would be deeply involved in the hiring process. Tressel has always made sure to keep his coaches occupied, so Heacock could be a viable option. With the big time losses, Heacock hasn’t received any attention for head coaching jobs elsewhere, so why would he work at Ohio State? If Heacock isn’t popular among fans of the Buckeyes, would you want him as your coach?

With all these coaches mentioned, who do you think would be the best fit? Is it the above five or another coach? You tell me, all I know is that Tressel is seriously considering retirement in the next five seasons and with the talent Ohio State continues to reel in, an experienced and innovative coach would work best for the Buckeyes. Or do you believe Ohio State needs to hire another young, not well known coach similar to Tressel? It worked once, would it work again? You be the judge? Meyer, Gill, Dantonio, Ferentz or Heacock, or do have other ideas? Submit your comments and tell me what you think.


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2 responses to “If Tressel Retired Today, Who Would You Hire?

  1. Brock Grotsky

    here is my two cents. as the writer of this article zach knows i am about as big of an ohio state fan as you will ever meet, but myself along with many other students and fans at ohio state are over the so called tressel era. yes he did bring us a national championship in 2002, but this is a what have you done for me latley kind of world and latley a couple of out right big ten championships is all he has done. sure you hear the stat about having four big ten titles straight, but only two of those were outright. tressel has lost only 17 games, but minus his first year as coach where he lost i belive six games and then take our 2004 season out which was a down year, the games tressel has been beaten in he was totally out coached. his simple play calling and non agressive attitude has lost us close games against texas in 2005, penn state this past year and many others that i won’t mention. is he a great coach for the most part yes, but i cant be satisfied with a coach who is ashamed to put up 45 points as he was in 2008 against northwestern, when coaches like pete carrol and bob stoops are putting up 70 to 80 points a game. I think were also all past the b/s answers he gives reporters, when he actually avoids questions and so on and so forth. do i want a respectful coach yes, but not one who is afraid to ruffle some feathers. you cant have talent like troy smith, terrelle pryor, and ted ginn jr. and be a conservative play caller 24/7. 2002 was a magical year, but the game has changed drastically since then, thats just facts. now to answer the overall question zach posted. i would love to hire alot of guys, but im deterred from most like bob stoops, nick saban and others because i dont think they are class guys, i could be wrong, but i dont see it. im also not convinced that pete carrol is a great coach. he flopped in the nfl and its hard to tell what illegal activities or ncaa rules he has violated to get the talent he has had at usc since 02′. urban meyer would seem like the smart choice he went 17 and 6 at bowling green before leading utah to two mwc titles, but again im not sure if hes a great recruiter or if having the florida sunshine is what draws people to his school. im going to narrow my choice down to two. i would want mark dantonio back in a second because i wish he would have never left as our def. coordinator. he brought a certain tenasity and fear into games. you can see that if you watch ohio state defensives from 02′ to 04′, but im not totally sold on his head coaching ability. My next and probably first choice would be Mark Richt from Georgia. there is something about him and his family values that i feel strongly about. the one thing that attracts me to him as a coach was evident in the 2007 game against defending national champion flordia when his team scored the first touchdown and Richt proceeded to tell his entire team to run out on the field and celebrate. WHAT A MOVE!

    There is my two cents as a fan and student of Ohio State.

    • Zach Fleer

      I totally agree with you here. Tressel needs to stop calling offensive plays and bring in some hot shot young coordinator like Florida has the past three seasons with all those crazy offensive packages. Its easy to win in the Big Ten when you play Northwestern, Indiana, and Purdue every year. Yes, I think the Big Ten is on the way up it was in one of my articles in that they are heavily recruiting Florida. Let’s hope Heacock isnt around when this hiring process takes place and I think that Tressel wont hire anyone like Meyer because he doesnt want someone to tarnish his “legacy” at Ohio State. Whoever is the coach at Youngstown State, hope to God they dont get the job. We need someone like John Cooper again, who wont buckle down, and can put up points. The only knack on Cooper is that every year against Michigan he coached not to lose when he should have coached to win. With Tressel bringing in the talent he is, we need someone under the age of 50 calling plays, not FCS coaches. If we go the magical 10-3 again this year, its time to move on. The funny thing though is that Urban Meyer just signed that extension which ends when Tressel is supposed to retire. Ironic?

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