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Red Sox set to take a beating in New York


Following David Ortiz’s positive steroid test in 2003, the Boston Red Sox have enjoyed the luxury of playing at home for the past six games. With nobody bashing the Boston slugger, the Sox have performed well positioning themselves for a run at the Yankees for first place. Continue reading


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2004 Red Sox Becoming Tainted Team


Behind the bats of roid users Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, the 2004 Boston Red Sox completed a journey including defeating the 2002 World Series Champs Anaheim Angels, coming back from the most improbable deficits to triumph the arch rival New York Yankees in the ALCS, then take down the St. Louis Cardinsock1als in four games. This title was the first for the Red Sox since 1918, and is a gut wrencher for any New York fan to date. When the playoff run was in full swing, to the average fan it looked like a magic filled cinderella story with characters like David Ortiz, being the no name player from Minnesota who magically came to life and fit the magic slipper on the bloody sock of longtime pitcher Curt Schilling. Manny Ramirez was the goofy carriage driver that seemed to back up Cinderella wherever she went and eventually led to the ring. Continue reading

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Yankees Drop Two Against Chicago

Yankees White Sox Baseball

After a hot streak to start the second half of the season, AJ Burnett and the Yankees dropped their second game in a row in a 14-4 loss to Ozzie Guillen’s Chicago White Sox. After a rough second inning where Burnett allowed six runs, the White Sox jumped out to an early lead 6-0 lead. Burnett who had won his last five decisions, had trouble spotting his fastball and when he did the White Sox jumped on it. Continue reading


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