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LeBron Has Answer to Lil Wayne’s “Kobe”


A month after Lil Wayne released the song “Kobe Bryant,” that glorified Bryant and dissed LeBron a few times, the King has someone on his side. The rapper Debonair, has released a song called, “LeBron James,” the song can be found on YouTube if you search, “Debonair LeBron.” Continue reading

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The King Looks to Hold Court


When the waning moments dwindled to a close in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James immediately left the Amway Arena. Upset and confused over why the team with the best record in the NBA had been upset by a trio of men named Pietrus, Lewis and Turkoglu who all answered to one: Howard. Cleveland was favored to run through the East, a conference suffering the loss of Kevin Garnett and everyone expected Cleveland to have a home court advantage similar to Duke in college basketball.

For the Cavaliers, the fans of Cleveland, an economically downtrodden city which on home games, the city reels in a million dollars, this loss wasn’t supposed to happen for Cleveland, a city suffering a championship drought of 45 years. The expectation wasn’t too much for Jaside.insidemes, but too overwhelming for the cast of teammates who were inconsistent in the Conference Finals and couldn’t come up clutch when needed. Mo Williams struggled mightily throughout the first three games, not even averaging 10 points a game and turning the ball over more than he ever had. Zydrunas Ilgauskus was no match for Dwight Howard, who muscled his way, sometimes even fouling Big Z but they never call a foul on him, to the bucket and was the reason for the Finals clinching win where the former #1 overall pick poured in 45 points and 18 rebounds. Continue reading


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